TEXAS- Capitalist , Conservative, Right Wing, Gun Carrying Christians – Leaders in Renewable Energy!!!!!

I know that this post will cause derision for some rather closed minded folks whose perception of reality is skewed by their opinions. As I have said in the past and firmly believe, Capitalism is the way to Green.

“If it were a country, Texas would also rank sixth in wind power, after Germany, the U.S. as a whole, Spain, India and China. While U.S. wind-power capacity grew by 43 percent in 2007, in Texas it rose by 57 percent. All told, the state’s turbines now produce more than 8300 megawatts of electricity, enough to power about 2 million homes; nearly 3000 are produced in Sweetwater’s Nolan County alone. In comparison, Vermont produces 6 megawatts; Oregon, 1408. Even California generates just 2781 megawatts from wind power, and it built its first wind project nearly three decades ago.

And that is the curious paradox of Texas: While seemingly more virtuous states labor over environmental impact assessments, Texans see a business opportunity and grab it–and so could very well end up leading the nation in clean energy. “In Texas, because we don’t care about the environment, we’re actually able to do things that are good for the environment,” says Michael Webber, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. “It’s the most ironic, preposterous situation. If you want to build a wind farm, you just build it.”


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