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Eco Block- New Construction Method

eco block

Greener- 50% Energy Savings, Nosie reduction, doesn’t support mold growth and quick and easy to install


New Era of Food Scarcity Echoes Collapsed Civilizations

Another reason to grow some of your food
“The world is in transition from an era of food abundance to one of scarcity. Over the last decade, world grain reserves have fallen by one third. World food prices have more than doubled, triggering a worldwide land rush and ushering in a new geopolitics of food. Food is the new oil. Land is the new gold.”

Uses for Vinegar

I love vinegar and use it for almost everything, from cleaning the kitchen counter to freashing up the coffee pot. I even drink some to ward of colds and when I think I’m getting the flu.

Many many uses…..
1.Make all purpose cleaners by pouring with equal parts into a spray bottle
2.Clean dirt off your computer and mouse with a little vinegar and a q tip
3.Clean your drains with vinegar and baking soda
4.Wipe away mildew
5.Clean and polish chrome and stainless steel
6.Use as a fruit wash-rinses away germs
7.Erase ballpoint-pen marks
8.Erase crayon marks from clothes
9.Remove stickers and price tags
10.Disinfect cutting boards
40 more uses @

Milan’s Vertical Forest


The Bosco Verticale building has a green façade planted with dense forest systems to provide a building microclimate and to filter out polluting dust particles. The living bio-canopy also absorbs CO2, oxygenates the air, moderates extreme temperatures and lowers noise pollution, providing aesthetic beauty and lowering living costs.

More @

Home Remedies

These are the kind of things my granma Caro told me about. Remove warts, get rid of nail fungus, hiccups, bad breadth, headaches and more at this link

Study: Opinions on Climate Change Rise and Fall With the Temperature

Kinda funny- which ever way the wind blows people will follow
“Five of the nation’s top newspapers were also more likely to publish opinion pieces that showed “belief” in climate change during years that were colder or warmer than normal. Previous studies have suggested that people are more likely to believe in or “show worry” about global warming when the weather is particularly bad, but the study, published in the journal Climatic Change, is the largest to date and uses data from 1990 to 2010, a much longer time period than previous studies.”

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

Here’s a nice collections of directions/tutorials on homemade save cleaners. With homemade safe cleaners, you know what your putting on your counters, your clothes, on your dishes and feel a bit safer because they are free of harsh cheimicals.

DIY Household Cleaner Recipes